Alta Van Dyk Corporate Group

Alta van Dyk Environmental Consultants cc, established in May 2011, has evolved into a diversified group of specialized subsidiaries known collectively as Alta van Dyk Corporate Group (Pty) Ltd (AvDCG).

AvDCG is renowned for its expertise in providing independent consultancy services, providing technical and legal advice focused on environmental, water, and human health aspects. AvDCG’s commitment extends to offering comprehensive support throughout regulatory processes, feasibility assessments, compliance evaluations, and project management.

At AvDCG, we pride ourselves on being specialists in our field, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience tailored to meet the unique project, environmental, compliance, technical and financial requirements of each client.

AvDCG navigates and is well versed in the complexities of regulatory frameworks including but not limited to the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA), National Environmental Management Act (NEMA), National Water Act (NWA), National Environmental Management Waste Act (NEM:WA), and National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Act (NEMLAA).

AvDCG capabilities encompass a wide range of in-house specialist studies such as visual impact assessments, sunlight impact assessments, social impact assessments, environmental and human health impact assessments, and terrestrial biodiversity assessments. Additionally, AvDCG collaborates with a network of independent outsourced specialists to ensure the highest standard of service and expertise across all facets of our consultancy offerings.

AvDCG is dedicated to delivering solutions that not only comply with regulatory requirements and project needs but also contribute positively to sustainable development and environmental stewardship. With a focus on technical rigor, innovation, problem solving and client satisfaction, AvDCG continue to set benchmarks in the consultancy industry, driving forward projects that make a meaningful impact on businesses, communities and ecosystems alike.

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AvD Environmental (Pty) Ltd

“…for the silent ones…”

AvD Oxidane (Pty) Ltd

“…we all live downstream…”

AvD Environmental Tox (Pty) Ltd

“…it’s a matter of health…”

Feautured Clients

Alta van Dyk Corporate Group takes great pride in the relationships we have built over the years with a wide array of clients who have chosen to partner with us to meet their unique project, environmental, compliance and technical needs.

Alta van Dyk Corporate Group’s commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering exceptional services in complex and specialized fields has consistently set us apart and earned us the trust and satisfaction of businesses spanning various industries and sizes. From startups looking to establish a strong environmental compliance foundation to established enterprises seeking to optimize their operations, our diverse clientele showcases the versatility and effectiveness of our services/solutions.

Here are just a few of the featured clients who have leveraged our expertise to achieve their project goals and drive their businesses forward.